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Meredith uses Astrology and Tarot to help you manifest the most amazing energy you've ever known. Come learn!

I am so excited to share my new Super Supporter membership with you. It’s so inexpensive and I am confident it will be the best 25 cents a day you will ever spend! As a Super Supporter, you will join me for an an astrological journey like never before.

I can’t wait to give you behind-the-scenes insight, secrets and stories from the path I’ve taken and the astrological transits that have led me through decisions and choices. The Super Supporter experience is going to be so incredible for you and your own discovery of your soul’s truth!

Much love,

Meredith, your Soul Navigator

“The soul craves the truth and will settle for nothing less.”

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MEMBERS ONLY Livestreams

I'm going live once a month to answer your questions, pull tarot cards and help you learn to read your own charts.

Secret Behind-the-Scenes Videos

You will get to see all of my secret videos in my (very private) series called, “Portrait of an Astrologer, Intimate Stories with Meredith,” where I take you on a journey into my personal life as an Astrologer and Psychic Reader. I will also teach you in-depth how to read your chart and understand Astrology at a deeper level.

Your Gorgeous Natal Chart

As a Super Supporter, you will receive a gorgeous, colorful natal chart that I call the "blueprint to your soul." Your natal chart shows you where all your planets are and in what astrological houses they exist. Meredith’s charts are the most gorgeous, beautiful and easy to read on the market!

Your Daily Horoscope for an ENTIRE YEAR

WHOA! You will receive your horoscope forecast based on the unique details of your birth chart, not the generic meaning of your sun sign. This is the most accurate way to know what to expect from the transits coming up!

Your Dynamite Day

Your Dynamite Day is your luckiest day of the year. It isn't your birthday and it changes every year! You will want to know and be prepared for the day you manifest the highest, most positive energy!

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