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What started as a normal weekend 20 years ago resulted in Meredith discovering her soul’s true calling. After repeatedly recognizing strangers by name and realizing she knew things about people she’d never met, there was no denying that she had a gift.

“I’ve been extremely intuitive since I was young, but I wasn’t fully open to my abilities because I didn’t understand that I had them. I think, after not actively using my intuition for so many years, my spirit eventually decided to wake me up to the fact that I could use my gifts to help others.”

Meredith began giving readings on the side to explore her abilities.

“I wanted to test myself and see how people would receive my messages. At first, I was astonished at how accurate I was. Then, I realized the moral responsibility that was on my shoulders because the messages I receive are not always things that people want to hear.”

She decided then that, if she really wanted to use her abilities for good, she would need to hone her skills and do it professionally.

“I knew that if I could embrace clients in a warm way and create a sacred space to share my intuition, I could connect with them and help them design their best lives.”

Meredith took the big leap and studied Astrology at Oxford University in England with the greatest living minds in the field. She acclaimed her first level of Certification under the guidance of Renowned Master Astrologer Steven Forrest.

In 2000, Meredith launched her own company, Soul Navigation, Inc.

“For the first couple months, I barely slept. I was up all night doing readings and then I worked my corporate job during the day.”

A year later, Meredith’s client base was so large that she was able to leave her job and began giving readings full time.

“I never felt that my work in marketing for the arts was a wrong career decision — I was very passionate about it — but once I discovered that I could genuinely help other people, I knew I wanted make a living pursuing my calling. And ever since, it’s felt like I’m working in my divine, rightful space on Earth.”

Meredith has given more than 125,000 intuitive readings and is amazed at how many clients she’s been able to connect with. “I never imagined that I’d be able to use my gifts to help so many people become their best selves. It’s such a blessing to have the ability to help others make their dreams come true and it’s given me immense satisfaction.”

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Connect with your soul's truth

As an Intuitive Reader, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, Meredith can see and hear messages, and through meditation, she has learned to raise her vibrational level to reach divine connection.

Meredith also works as a professional Astrologer, reading the blueprint of your soul.

After her father passed away in 2004, Meredith discovered that she also had the ability to do medium work.

“It took some time to connect in this way, but I can now channel loved ones who have crossed over, and I believe my father is the channel who opened that door for me.”

Embrace your higher purpose

Meredith communicates with spirit guides and guardian angels to help clients realize their true callings and advises them on how to pursue that path.

“We are on this Earth to learn lessons that will bring us closer to enlightenment. However, our ego often gets in the way and prevents us from being open to these lessons. In my readings, I’m able to feel a person’s energy and see their soul’s truth, which enables me to show people the lessons they’re meant to learn.”

Meredith is able to see situations from an unobstructed, unbiased perspective to give extremely accurate readings.

“Our egos don’t want to be disappointed, so it’s often hard for us to step outside of ourselves and view a situation without our own agenda attached to it. But, our souls are capable of understanding truth and that is something I don’t compromise in my readings. Even if it’s difficult to deliver, I always find a compassionate way to deliver sensitive information. I’m committed to honesty and integrity in my readings because ignoring or denying the truth never serves us in the end.”


Design the life you want

Many people call Meredith about love, money, and career, and her favorite question to answer is “What is my soul’s purpose?”

“It’s incredibly rewarding to help someone understand his or her higher calling. I consider it an honor and a privilege to help people get in touch with their highest, best selves, or to prevent a soul from making a self-sabotaging set-back.”

Soul Navigation can guide you to your highest truth and answer your soul’s most important questions!


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