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Learning astrology can truly change your life. When you learn how to read an astrological natal chart it changes the entire relationship you have with yourself; it’s a complete paradigm shift! It opens up whole new dimensions about your soul, your life and life itself! Be prepared when watching Meredith’s Masterclasses to have a game changing-life changing experience. You will come away from Meredith’s teaching with so many new advanced astrological tools to use when reading your own natal chart. It’s my hope that my Astrology Masterclasses can profoundly change your life!

~ Learning Astrology from Meredith has changed my life! I have never had a more fascinating reading from any Astrologer anywhere. She knows her stuff — and now learning from her has led to the single biggest transformation of my life! Thank you Meredith!” ~ Alexandru S, Romania

~”WOW, the most amazing astrologer I have ever met! I love learning from her!” ~ Sophia H, Savannah, Georgia

~”Meredith’s work is priceless! My whole life has changed since reading with her and learning Astrology from her. I can’t thank her enough!” Giorgio K, Portland, Oregon

~”Nobody is like her! She is so smart, compassionate and talented. She is so vastly knowledgeable!” Mark J Irvine, Ca

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Advanced Techniques for Reading Your Natal Chart Masterclass

Be prepared in this Advance Masterclass to have a game changing-life changing experience. You will come away from this class with so many new advanced astrological tools to use when reading your own natal chart. It’s my hope that this Masterclass can profoundly change your life! In this 2 hour class, I will GIVE YOU MY SECRETS — and teach you the art of synthesis, putting the pieces of your unique chart together. You will learn my powerful techniques, get new tools; and see step by step how to read and understand your chart. You will learn how to blend the most important parts of a chart: the hemisphere influences, moon phases, cusps, signs, planets, houses, depositors, rulers, aspects and so much more in your chart. Get ready for an absolutely amazing experience!

If you feel a bit overwhelmed or even lost — THAT IS OK — Astrology is complex, and that is why this recording is invaluable to you because you will be able to re-watch, pause the video and learn at your own pace!

We are layering astrological meaning upon meaning – building our Astrological 10 Layer Cake! Also, to enrich your experience even more, I hope so much you have one of my gorgeous natal charts to use with this class. This is going to be such an astrological game changer for you. I cannot wait for you to learn all my tips, tricks and techniques!

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Soulmate Masterclass

Learn my 10 most powerful tips and techniques in finding the SOULMATE aspects in your chart!  I will teach how to unlock the synastry of your charts. I will teach you how to understand the composite chart and why progressions are so important. I will show you the fate and destiny lines in your chart and in your partner’s chart, and I will teach you about the unknown and very mysterious golden linkages in your charts. If you have a golden link or golden triangle this is a very powerful soulmate connection! Everyone who is serious about Astrology should take this class. Get ready to have your mind blown! In this video we go deep into Lover’s Astrology — and I give you my best secret techniques on how to read the charts between soulmates. This class was so fun to produce and it’s chalk full of new tips and tricks in reading your astrology chart from the perspective of LOVE!

Your Astrological Signs

Each of the 12 zodiac signs has its own strengths and weaknesses, its own specific traits, desires and attitude towards life and people. Which one are you?







Soul Navigation can guide you to your highest truth and answer your soul’s most important questions!


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