The soul craves the truth and will settle for nothing less. ~ Meredith Froemke​

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Evolutionary Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Motivational Life Coach, Master of the Intuitive Arts: Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Medium.

Meredith is the President and Owner of Soul Navigation, Inc. As the Chief Soul Navigator, she is an Intuitive Reader and an Astrologer with a no-nonsense but compassionate approach to her readings. She has built Soul Navigation on a foundation of integrity and truth. 

Meredith does not do ‘fairy-tale’ readings. She is an extraordinarily accurate, talented and gifted channeler who will guide you through the murky waters you feel you’re wading in. Meredith has an uncanny and unique style that allows her to dive for answers and develop life-changing solutions for you.

With Meredith’s help, you can unlock the mysteries of complicated relationships, personal finances, health problems and career choices.

If you need the truth about any situation — whether to stay or go, if you’re with your soulmate, in the right job, at the right school or have any uncertainties about your life — then a reading with Meredith can help you.

Soul Navigation Readings


Soulmates, Twin Flames, Life Partners and your Ex! Understand your karmic story with them and learn how your relationship will unfold.


Look at your financial destiny. Know your worth! See what bonuses and raises are in store for you, your prosperity, inheritances, contracts and more.


Are you on the right path? Is this your true calling? Your great work? Learn about the professional challenges and blessings that will unfold.

Your Soul's Purpose

Learn about your soul’s calling! Dive deeply into the true meaning of your life; see who you were really born to be and what the blueprint of your soul says about you.

Crossed Over Loved Ones

Receive important and valuable messages from your loved ones who have left the Earth’s plane, but still want to communicate.

Love from Our Clients

Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough. To everyone out there, I have spoken with many advisors. I found out today that Meredith was the ONLY advisor way back in May, to tell me the truth about a man I cared very much about. To be honest, I was upset with her for telling me what she saw (and devastated) and didn’t call her for a while. Well, all that she saw is the TRUTH. I knew in my gut that she was right when we first spoke, but my heart wanted to believe something different. She WILL tell you the TRUTH with love and compassion. I only wish I had the courage to believe her many months ago. I am now grateful she will be there to help me through my healing.


Here’s the truth: Almost a year ago I spoke with this lady about a man I was off and on seeing. She told me flat out it’s not going to be how I want it. He is not going to come forth. It was not what I wanted to hear but I felt what she was saying. Guess what. She was right. It is not completely over with this guy and he never came forward like I would have wanted. In my opinion this reader is the TRUTH. SO believe in what she tells you because it is real. Thank you for your genuine honesty and I will call back soon.


New York
Meredith cares deeply about each individual’s self-worth. She offers in-depth and very pointed reminders about communicating with others…While pointing out the differences between individuals, she emphasizes communication skills that we tend to sometimes overlook. Meredith is very direct, sometimes complementing and sometimes questioning behaviors…She is intelligent, entertaining, and very knowledgeable in her field. She can tell you more about yourself in 30 minutes than some people learn about themselves in a lifetime.


Meredith has one of the most beautiful souls and hearts I know. She is one of the wisest and most loving people I know. She can read into me and whoever I ask about without a word from me and be sooo accurate with details that have happened or are going to happen. Call her. She will touch your heart and soul also in ways you never dreamed anyone could. She just makes me feel sooooo good and loving back. Had to call and tell her of all the accuracies that happened. Many more to look forward to but my life has changed because of her!



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