Your path toward your full truth

Meredith and her Team of Readers at Soul Navigation can delve past the surface and find the answers your heart longs for, your soul craves and your mind needs.

In one session, our Readers can help navigate you to your rightful partner, rightful career and rightful destiny.

Our Readers can help you better understand your relationships and what lessons you are meant to learn from them. They can show you specific obstacles you will face and also show you how to maneuver through them.

We can help you manifest your soul’s desires and give you detailed answers to your most complicated questions.

A few of our readings

Love Compatibility

Discover who your soulmate is in this lifetime. Learn the specific challenges you will face in your relationship and how to solve even the most difficult of problems, see your past life with your partner, find out how to best communicate with your partner to get your needs met, realize what your partner thinks and feels about you, understand the future possibilities with your partner!

Career Reading

Understand what kind of career challenges you have contracted to learn in this lifetime. See if you are embracing your true talents. Learn when to make changes and when to communicate your needs. Chart the map of your boss’ and co-worker’s soul.

Financial Destiny

Show me the money! Look at all aspects of your prosperity, real estate, promotions, inheritances and contracts! See your rightful contract to money.

Your Rightful Destiny

Learn who you were born to be in this lifetime, who you were in your past lifetime, and who you are preparing to be in this lifetime. Understand all the details that make up your destined contract in this lifetime.