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Meredith, our Chief Soul Navigator and world-renowned astrologer, present a series of podcast episodes, including interviews with some of her favorite people and chart readings of the stars.

Chart Readings of the Stars

Bernie Sanders: The Great Awakener

Justin Trudeau and Neptune

Macklemore's Chart: Libra New Moon

Russell Wilson, Ciara, Love and Sex

Shows Featured on Voice America

Talking to the Dead, Part 1

with Mike Pace (May 24, 2006)
Renowned Psychic Medium Mike Pace discusses in detail his experiences as a Medium and takes questions from callers who want to connect with their loved ones who have already crossed over. Meredith and Mike work together in tandem with their unique gifts, revealing the callers’ past lives, and sharing with them the soul contract you may have had with their loved one.

Talking to the Dead, Part 2

with Mike Pace (August 9, 2006)
Psychic Medium Mike Pace is back for another session with Meredith, taking more calls and delivering messages for the dead. Don’t miss listening to this awe-inspiring show!

Your Past Life, Your Next Life

with Jan Spiller (August 2, 2006)
Listen to Meredith and her incredible guest, Jan Spiller, renowned Astrologer, to learn about your past life, your life purpose in this lifetime and what your next life will be filled with. Meredith believes, “Jan is one of the world’s best astrologers!”

The Enneagram Made Easy

with Renee Baron (August 16, 2006)

Renee Baron is the author of “The Enneagram Made Easy.” The Enneagram is a study of nine basic personality types. It explains why we behave the way we do and it points to specific directions for self-development. It’s an extraordinary tool to use in your romantic, platonic and professional relationships! Find out what type you are, and learn how you can magnify the greatness in your life by using this incredible tool.

Sex, Love and Money

with Dr. Judy (July 26, 2006)
Dr. Judy is a clinical psychologist, certified sex therapist, radio call-in talk show host, TV personality, author of best-selling book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dating; To Healthier Relationships and Tantric Sex,” and a renowned lecturer. Listen to Meredith and Judy as they pull the bedroom curtains back and talk about everything that makes a relationship truly sensatioinal, and what erodes them.

Chinese Astrology

with Suzanne White (July 19, 2006)
Join Meredith for an extraordinary opportunity to meet the “High Priestess” of Chinese Astrology. Learn about your Chinese sign and who it’s compatible with, what your blessings and challenges might be in this lifetime. As Suzanne says, “Chinese Astrology is not just for decorating Chinese restaurant place mats anymore! It’s a Real, Sane, Functional tool for self-awareness — a proven path to self discovery.”

Smart Man Hunting

with Liz Kelly (July 5, 2006)
Join the fun with Meredith and her guest Liz Kelly, Dating Coach and Author of the popular book, “Smart Man Hunting.” Often referred to as a “real-life Hitch” Liz’s work has been featured in Glamour, Cosmo and USA today just to name few! Liz offers hot tips and quick solutions to help you weed out “Mr. Red Flag” and find “Mr. Right” in today’s fast-paced dating scene.

Why Men Marry Bitches

with Sherry Argov (June 28, 2006)
Join Meredith for a sizzling show, with famed author Sherry Argov — who wrote the smash hit book, “Why Men Love Bitches!” and is ultra revealing in her new book, “Why Men Marry Bitches!” Learn the inner instincts of men, and women too!

Flipping the Switch

with Matt Kahn (June 21, 2006)
Matt is a renowned spiritual teacher, intuitive healer and psychic channelor … at a very young age he began meeting the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels, receiving profound messages from each one of them. Join Meredith and Matt as they offer answers to life’s deepest questions in a fresh and easy-to-relate-to manner and give you tools to live your life to its fullest potential, living every moment in BLISS!

Journey of the Souls

with Dr. Michael Newton (June 7, 2006)
Learn through internationally acclaimed, Dr. Newton, and his remarkable experiences as a hypnotherapist the mystery of life in the spirit world after death.

How to Be a Love Magnet

with Leil Lowndes (May 31, 2006)
Listen to internationally acclaimed, “Communications Guru” and renowned author of seven books, including, “How to Make Anyone Fall In Love With You.” Leil Lowndes joins Meredith and together they discuss the “secret formula” – based on scientific facts – for capturing and keeping love! Leil says, “Just as you can feed a tiny flame until it grows into a blazing fire, you can fuel someone’s smallest spark of attraction into an all-consuming passion.”
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